Tribes and Languages are looking into a scary future: Only 10% of the spoken languages of our time will survive the end of this century. Urbanisation and globalization are factors that heighten the loss of cultural diversity.


Acsy is a magazine concept about cultural diversity in the terms of tribal cultures. Breaking out of the ethnology image of colonialism and races, it presents tribes in a modern, young and colourful way.


The first issue of Acsy is all about the Matengo in South-Western Tanzania. It tells about strong women, a Star Wars inspired belief and how to brew your very own Matengo-Beer. With modern and colourful illustrations, scans and collages the magazine becomes unique and interesting. The magazine is available as a print medium with specials (like shortcut pages) in it as well as a digital medium where it presents itself with GIFs and videos.


published on Design Made in Germany

Magdalena Frohn


Visual Communication


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